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The moisturizing formulation intensively firms the V-contour.


This product contains Macroalgae Essence, Sealift, Brown Algae Extract and Red Algae Extract.



  • The Macroalgae Essence activates the energy of the skin cells for renewed cell activity. Consequently, the skin is able to protect itself from premature environmental skin aging.


  • The active ingredient Sealift forms an instantly lifted network on the skin which significantly pads out fine lines. As a result, the skin looks immediately smoother and younger.


  • Brown Algae Extract intensively moisturizes for an immediately smoother skin surface.


  • Red Algae Extract supports the skin with an invisible network like a firming corset.



  • After cleansing and SOMI, apply a small amount (the contents of 1 – 2 pipettes) to face, neck and décolleté. Then apply a suitable care.

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