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About Us

The Beauty 21 Story.

Established in 1980, Beauty 21 has always placed a high emphasis on giving our customers the very best standards of beauty treatments and quality services, together with providing them exceptional care, in a relaxing and comforting environment. 


How we Started.

My journey into the Beauty industry started when I became a makeup artist myself. While working, I often realised that many of my clients were struggling with poor complexions.


Using the skills I acquired from a Beauty School in London, I offered to do facials for them. Many of them were impressed by how much better their skin felt. These encouragements spurred me to become an aesthetician, and as my customer base grew, I decided to set up my very first shop in Orchard Road. Beauty 21 was born.


Ever since then, we have become one of Orchard Road’s signature beauty salons. Even after four decades, we continue to strive to help our clients achieve supple, clean, and radiant skin.


Enabling our customers to look their best is Beauty 21's goal, one that brings me great fulfillment and drives our team to do our very best. 

Mary Lee, Our Founder

Why Beauty 21?

Selecting a Beauty Salon is a deeply personal decision.

With over 500 frequent customers choosing Beauty 21 as their preferred choice, here are a few reasons why Beauty 21 is your go-to parlour.



Our beauty therapists are committed to the highest standards of quality and service, always striving to make you look your best.



All our treatments and

products are safe and effective. With a competent team, every customer can expect comfort and ebullience with every visit.



Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that a relationship of trust and confidence with you is crucial to a personalised and enriching experience.



We vow to not compromise our commitment to your welfare. We hold our beauticians to high standards and evaluate all our operations - living honestly, serving humbly.

Our Vision

To establish Beauty 21 as the leading urban beauty salon chain, offering quality, one-stop beauty services to our clients at convenient locations across the city.

Our Mission

Beauty 21's mission is to empower every customer to look their very best by providing the latest, top-quality beauty services, at an affordable price, accompanied by excellent customer service.

Beauty 21 stands as a testament to Mary Lee's humble philosophy. A firm believer in non-invasive treatments, she maintains that natural beauty can be attained through regular facial treatments and an effective skincare routine. 

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