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Eyebrow Embroidery

Pamper yourself with an Eyebrow Embroidery and rest longer every morning without the hassle of doing your brow makeup. Boost your self-confidence as your new set of brows accentuates your facial features, giving off a more defined look. With over 12,000 satisfied clients under their belt, our Brow Specialists are here to help.

What we Offer

With 4 distinct brow designs and a range of techniques to choose from, you are definitely spoilt for choice. Swing by one of our outlets for a detailed consultation with our brow specialists today.

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Also similar to the typical 6HD Brow, our signature BROW LYFE Eyebrow Embroidery uses the Micro blading technique to precisely mimmic hair-like strokes, giving your brows a natural look.

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Also known as Misty Brows, our gRADIANT Brow Embroidery creates radiant brows using a dual micro-dotting technique, resulting in three gradient shades that further accentuates your face.

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Our Brow BLOSSOM Brow Embroidery presents our clients with Korean-inspired brows, allowing you to look ever so slightly like your favourite Korean artist. It features soft, natural brows which makes it suitable for beginners as well.   

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Also similar to Combi Brow, our DUO Brow Embroidery uses both the micro-blade and micro-dot technique to create a more dimensional brow effect that defines your facial features. 


Our Brow Specialist


At Beauty 21, all of our brow artists are handpicked according to their skills and passion for the job. With numerous rounds of training and tests, you can rest assured that the treatment you receive is of impeccable standards.


Our brow artists have a minimum of 5 years experience and together have perfected the brows of over 12,000 customers.

The Procedure
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Individual Consultation

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Embroidery Procedure

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Personalised Brow Mapping

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Aftercare Application

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End of Procedure

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