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The silky, shimmering Retinol Anti-Age serum provides intensive moisture and immediately smoothes the skin. Extensive scientific studies have substantiated that retinol in liposomally encapsulated form sustainably acts against the formation of wrinkles. The moisture deposits in the skin are replenished and wrinkles due to dryness are alleviated. A youthfully smooth skin is the result.


Tip: The delicate shimmer that this serum conjures up on the skin gives it a very special and radiant appearance. The finishing touch for all beautiful times and special occasions.

Retinol Anti-Age

  • After Cleansing and applying a suitable Somi, apply one to two pipettes of Time Release Serum on face, neck and decolleté, apply on top two to three teaspoons Time Release Serum Mask and remove after 10 to 15 minutes.

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