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This creamy 24-hour special care nourishes, calms and strengthens dry and sensitive skin.


This product contains Protein Vitamin B complex, defense complex, anti-aging peptides, ginseng extract, shea butter and squalane.


  • The protein Vitamin B complex supports protein, lipid and ceramide synthesis and thus improves the skin barrier.


  • The defense complex strengthens the skin’s own defense mechanisms and is both anti-inflammatory and calming.


  • Anti-aging peptides improve the skin’s ceramide synthesis and result in increased resilience and elasticity.


  • Ginseng extract strengthens the natural regeneration processes and supplies the skin with nourishing components.


  • Delicate components of shea butter and squalane gently and soothingly nourish dry, needy skin.


Tip: Because of its slightly richer texture NUTRI REVITALIZING Cream is also an ideal care for the cold season.

Nutri Revitalising

  • In the morning and evening, after cleansing, SOMI and a suitable eye care, apply a hazelnut-sized amount to face, neck and décolleté.

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