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The refreshing PHYRIS Hyaluron Depot moisture mask instantly and lastingly balances out wrinkles and fine lines caused by dryness. The specially encapsulated depot hyaluronic acid gradually releases the skin´s moisture over the course of several hours. Feelings of tightness due to lack of moisture are a thing of the past. PHYRIS Hyaluron Depot instantly penetrates the skin and ensures that the skin is moisturized and padded out from within.


Tip: For an intensive hyaluronic acid treatment, it is recommended to use PHYRIS Hyaluron Super Moist daily over the course of four weeks and also use PHYRIS Hyaluron Depot three times a week.

Hyaluron Depot

  • After Cleansing and applying a suitable Somi, apply one to two pipettes of Time Release Serum on face, neck and decolleté, apply on top two to three teaspoons Time Release Serum Mask and remove after 10 to 15 minutes.

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