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This firming and tightening 24hr care has an immediate visible effect. Due to its special texture, it is also recommended for sensitive skin. 


This product contains Phyto Cell Essence, Sweet Almond Lift Complex and Marula Oil. 


  • Phyto Cell Essence is derived from wild apple blossom. It activates cell regeneration by stimulating the basal cells. The skin becomes firm and smooth and instantly looks young and fresh.


  • The Sweet Almond Lift Complex tightens the skin and makes lines and wrinkles disappear. The immediate formation of a soft film on top of the skin has an instant lifting effect, minimizing lines and wrinkles.


  • The oil of the Marula Fruit is very rich in Vitamin C. The skin’s immune system and collagen synthesis become stronger.


Cell Lift

  • Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of PHYRIS Cell Lift to face, neck and décolleté after the cleansing and Somi procedure in the morning and in the evening.

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