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All-in-one day care with SPF 20 for a flawless complexion. Cares for, protects and perfects the skin in one simple step.


This product contains Globe Daisy Extract, Quinoa Extract and Squalane.


  • Globe Daisy Extract helps the skin to protect itself. Blemishes and redness are visibly reduced, inflammatory processes are significantly alleviated.


  • Quinoa Extract provides moisture, nourishes the skin, revitalizes the skin functions and is also calming and balancing.


  • The natural oil component Squalane helps to reduce the skin’s moisture loss, is balancing and also offers protection against damaging environmental influences.


Tip: BB ULTIMATE is the ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t have much time for care, sun protection and make-up and still wants to look well cared for and beautiful.

BB Ultimate Beauty Balm

  • In the morning, after cleansing and SOMI, apply to the face. Repeat during the day as needed. BB ULTIMATE can also be applied over a care cream.


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